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Russian Restaurants

Dubai is a gourmet’s delight with food from all over the world. And if it is Russian food you want to have then are quite a few Russian restaurants in UAE, from fine dining places to hidden gems. Russian food has not got the global acclaim that most other cuisines have and most of us have little idea of the cuisine. Because of the long cold winters, fruits and fresh vegetables don’t figure prominently in Russian cuisine. It mainly consists of breads, especially black rye bread, potatoes,meat, eggs, a lot of butter and cabbage.

In a traditional Russian restaurant in UAE, you can expect to see this on the menu Their most famous soup is the Borshch, a beetroot soup loaded with meat and topped with sour cream. If you have never had it before then it is a must try. Russian pastries and dumplings are also something different from what you would have come across in other cuisines. Pelmeni are pastry dumplings that are stuffed with meatballs. Blini have a variety of fillings that make them perfect for breakfast or other meals. Russia even has a spring festival where the main food is blinis. For the main course , traditional Russian foods like Shashlik (Russian version of kebabs) or the classic Beef Stroganoff, which are strips of meat in a creamy sauce served with rice or even noodles. There are many versions of this popular dish in the Russian restaurants in UAE.

Here are a range of Russian restaurants in UAE that you can try when choosing to dine out. To start off with is Gurmaan a no frills Russian restaurant in UAE Media city. It give you the traditional feel of Russia especially with a lot of Russian chatter filling the air. Food is traditional like the Vareniki dumplings stuffed with creamy potatoes and the Borscht soup. If you don’t like beets then try the Solyanka soup that is good for the weight conscious as the tender meat bits are fat free. Russians love their mayonnaise so be prepared for that.

Tchaikovsky serves up a late night cabaret set to rousing Russian music. It would be good to book your table for later at night so that you get the complete Russian flavor of food and entertainment. This is one of the best Russian restaurants in UAE and is at the Marina Byblos hotel. If black caviar is what you can afford then why not order some. But the Russian Hunting snack is a hearty dish with boiled eggs stuffed with avocados and sprinkled with red caviar. For the mains try the Tchaikovsky special which are huge burger patties with the ever present creamy cheese sauce.

Troyka at the Ascot Hotel in Bur Dubai is easily one of the best Russian restaurants in UAE. The decor tries to capture the cold snowy expanses of Russia and the food is tasty Russian fare. It’s not one of those busy places so just concentrate on the food if atmosphere is what you want you might have to choose another of those listed here. The Vaniki dumplings are great for starters followed by Beef Stroganoff soup and Chicken Kiev for the mains.

Pushkin, the Russian restaurant in UAE’s JBR is particularly popular for its business lunches. While it serves Arabic and Middle Eastern food too, the Russian menu is the best. The interiors has nothing of the the Russian influence, it is very modernistic. The food though is traditional and the popular Russian food chosen by the patrons are the Pushkin cutlets, delicious Blinis stuffed with meat and the honey cakes. Classic dishes like Chicken Kiev, Pelmeni and Borshch are also good choices.