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African Restaurants

Want to be transported to Africa while still in UAE? The best way is to try the cuisine at African restaurants in UAE. The African themed decor in the restaurants gives you the perfect setting to try out the cuisine. African cuisine is a very broad term as it covers a very large continent. The African cuisine actually differs quite a lot in each region north and south particularly, which have a strong influence of other cultures that came here to colonize or trade. In East Africa the Arab influence can easily be seen with heavily spiced food.. Central Africa has had the least contact with the ‘outside world’ and so the ingredients used are more traditional and cooking techniques more authentic.

It can be baffling when trying out a new cuisine what exactly you can order and what you might miss out on since you do not know much about the cuisine available. The best way, of course is to ask your waiter while ordering from the menu at any of the African restaurants in UAE that you have chosen to eat at. We can help you out if you want to be be better prepared before you go in there. Here are our top choices of food to select from the African cuisine listed in the menu, though let us warn you that different restaurants might concentrate on specific areas and might not have all that you might want to taste. Also for the less adventurous you can fall back on the more familiar foods like, char grilled beef burgers and Indian influenced pulav which is authentic African food as these cuisines have mingled in with the influx of other cultures.

The best African foods to try

African Restaurants in UAE like ‘Tribe’ beautifully situated at the Mall of the Emirates, is very popular though the food doesn’t come cheap. The most popular dishes here going by the people we have spoken to are Haakuna Matata Platter (yes it’s named after the Lion King), it is a large platter that is best shared. It is the house speciality and has all the flavors of Africa on one platter. There are 6 7 dishes including prawns in peri peri sauce, Calamari, chicken lollipops and African pie, a fish and potato croquette and the there is a salad as well with some rice. The other dishes in the African cuisine you must try for the main course is the North African burger and the seafood stew. Wash it all down with a good selection of any of the superb mocktails.

The best mix Morocco to South Africa in one African Restaurant in UAE:

Kiza gives you a wholesome flavor of African cuisine. If you are looking for a Moroccan restaurant or a South African Restaurant then dine at a restaurant like Kiza in UAE. The menu includes Moroccan, South African, Kenyan and even food from Ghana. The mains are very large so you are recommended to skip the starters. Try the Peri Peri Prawns with Risotto, the oxtail stew served with steamed rice. And for dessert don’t miss the Nigerian Puff Puff. These are doughnuts that are caramelized and served with ice cream.

Ethiopian Restaurants in UAE:

Ethiopian food is very very spicy so be prepared. Ethiopian restaurants in UAE like Gursha Ethiopian restaurant at Palm Jumairah are very popular. The best dishes here are the Seafood rice and the Lamb ribs. Be warned that if there is a green sauce accompaniment then it’s very spicy so don’t take too big dips till you are sure you can handle the spice. Try out some of the stews and mop it up with the distinctive Ethiopian breads.

As you can see there is a good selection of African Restaurants in UAE and all of them are also vegetarian friendly. African cuisine while strongly meat based has a good variety of vegetarian dishes too.