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Tex-Mex Restaurants

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Tex-Mex Restaurants

Tex Mex is certainly not Mexican food. Often the food we are having in Mexican restaurants in UAE is not what a Mexican would recognize as food he is familiar with. This is because these are actually Tex Mex restaurants in UAE serving the American version of Mexican food. Many of these restaurants make this distinction clear by calling themselves Tex Mex restaurants. So what is Tex Mex food and how is it different from authentic Mexican food? The difference is in the usage of certain ingredients that are just not common in Mexico. These are beef, yellow cheeses like cheddar, wheat flour, black beans and seasoning like cumin. Tex Mex food originated when Mexicans migrated into Texas and tried to adapt their food to the ingredients that were available locally. This mixture has happened over a century and so Tex Mex as a cuisine is not recent.

Texas is known for its huge herds of cattle and so Tex Mex Restaurants in UAE serve a lot of Beef in their menus especially the burritos. A true Mexican restaurant will hardly have beef on its menu. Also. wheat is not commonly grown in Mexico. Which is why Tex Mex restaurants serve burritos wrapped in a wheat tortilla. A Mexican restaurant would instead use corn based ingredients and so your Tortilla here would be of maize. The Nachos you love is very Tex Mex too. These are a few good ways to differentiate between a Tex Mex and Mexican restaurant in UAE.

Dubai has quite a few Tex Mex restaurants. Barry’s Bench is at the foodcourt in Times Square centre. If you are looking for quick service with no fuss and frills then this is the place to grab a quick bite. The food is tasty and very affordable and you get all that you expect from typical Tex Mex food.

Beyond El Rancho is at the Marco Polo Hotel in Deira. As the name suggests it is a Tex Mex restaurant in UAE. The cheese, meat, rice, beans dishes or the nachos, enchiladas, burritos and fajitas are tasty Tex Mex fare. It is just not food you get here. It is popular for the music and dancing. Their house band is quite famous in this part of the world. So overall this is a good place to go to for Mexican food served American style.

Cactus Jack at the Millenium Hotel is the Tex Mex restaurant in UAE to head to for it’s resident DJ and theme nights. This is a perfect clubbing bar and restaurant and the cuisine is Mexican or rather Tex Mex food. The mojitos and frozen margaritas go perfectly with the sizzling fajitas, buffalo wings, cheese quesadillas and the guacamole. This is the perfect place to party at with your amigos. This pace is busy every night of the week and that points to how popular it is with the locals as well as the holidaymakers. Look out for the special offers as well as ladies nights.

If you want fresh food served fast,Tex Mex style, then head over to Fajita Grill Restaurant. These are at different locations such as the Dubai Airport Freezone, Bin Sougat centre and elsewhere. These Tex Mex restaurants in UAE serve some awesome Cheesy Jalapenos Poppers. The Beef Tacos allows you to choose between Soft or crispy tacos and is served with nachos and salsa. Another good choice would be the Cheesy Steak Quesadillas, dripping with three different kinds of cheese, enjoy the taste and forget the calories.

The Khaleej Tacos Restaurant is opposite the Miraj Islamic Art Centre. This is Tex Mex food but with an added Arabic twist. So while this might not exactly be a Tex Mex Restaurant in UAE it still is an interesting place to try.