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Tapas Restaurants

If you are used to bar food being greasy, and far from delicious, you’ve clearly never tried tapas before. Originating in Spain, tapas includes bite sized appetizers and canapes which are usually served in bars throughout the day. Unlike the pub food we’re used to where everything is just deep fried and developing flavour is the last priority on anyone’s mind, tapas involves sophisticated dishes, each specially constructed to perfectly balance out a variety of different flavours. If you love going out for a drink, but are disappointed when the food doesn’t match up, then you should try out a tapas bar. When you want to explore the big world of tapas Dubai has many incredible bars for you to try out. While there are virtually hundreds of varieties of tapas, some traditional and contemporary dishes are very popular across the world.

Taking influence from the Mediterranean heritage of Spain, tapas involves plenty of fresh local ingredients. A tapas could be as simple as just some beautiful goat’s cheese served with olives or grapes. It could also be as complex as tender beef cheeks slow cooked over a low flame until they are so tender that they are falling apart. There is no hard and fast rule regarding what exactly constitutes tapas. Basically any appetizer can qualify as tapas as long as it is served in small quantities. Seafood plays a very big role in tapas, mostly because of Spain’s proximity to the ocean. Gambas al Ajillo is a classic tapas dish made from grilling large, juicy prawns along with some olive oil, chilli flakes and garlic. While the number of flavours is minimal, these simple ingredients are all it takes to really highlight the taste of the prawn. Fried calamari rings are also very popular and pair beautifully with a mug of cold beer. You can choose either a simple salt and pepper calamari or spicy fried rings of calamari, depending on which you prefer. Chocos are similarly crunchy tapas, made from sharp tasting cuttlefish that has been crumbed with a mixture of bread crumbs and dried herbs and then deep fried. Tapas doesn’t always have to be something solid, it can also be a soup. Gazpacho is a very popular type of tapas and is perfect for a hot day. This cold soup can be made with a variety of different ingredients and can include seafood as well. If you are looking for tapas Dubai bars serve many of these classics as well as contemporary takes on traditional tapas recipes.

Among the many placing serving tapas Dubai has certain bars which definitely stand out from the others. Casa de Tapas Dubai is one of the best places to sample a variety of tapas. Located in one of the most scenic spots in UAE, this bar overlooks the blue sea, so you can enjoy a beautiful view along with your delicious tapas. Their fish croquettes, stuffed vegetables and a traditional Spanish dish known as patatas bravas are huge crowd favourites. They also have a live band performing, so your dining experience becomes truly memorable. El Sur Tapas Dubai is another famous tapas bar, offering a huge range of vegetarian, vegan and meat based tapas dishes for you to sample. Their lamb tapas falls off the bone because it is so tender after being slow cooked to perfection. Don’t forget to try their seafood paella as well, because it is one of the most popular items on their menu and is exactly like a traditional Spanish Paella.

Tapas Dubai offers you a huge variety of dishes to try out, each expertly crafted with the perfect balance of various flavour profiles. If you are looking for a nice drink along with even better food, tapas Dubai bars will offer you just that.