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Spanish Restaurants

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Spanish Restaurants

Spanish restaurants in UAE bring to the country a cuisine that is not only rich in flavor but also rich in culture and tradition. They are a reminder of how local ingredients could be used to create some of the most savory dishes. Some of the must try Spanish dishes are the Tortilla de patatas, paella, the jamon serrano and the joman Iberica.

Paella is a rice dish that can have vegetables, fish and other types of seafood, and meat. Saffron is used in the preparation to give the dish its unique flavor, yellow color. Paella the most traditional dish of Spain and like any traditional dish it is prepared with flavorful and local ingredients. There are different versions of the paella and the most popular versions of the dish are the Valencian paella, Seafood paella and the mixed paella. The Valencian paella is a dish that combines local ingredients such as rabbits, snails, duck or chicken and beans. The mixed paella is a combination of vegetables, beans, meat and seafood. The seafood paella is a mixture of seafood which may include fish, shrimp, and prawns.

The jamon Serrano and the jamon iberica is dry cured ham that is served in thin slices. Traditionally the ham was salted and cured and left to dry in a shed on a mountain. This is how the dish gets its name as the Spanish work for mountain is Sierra and Serrano is an adjective form of Sierra. The jamon Serrano is made from the landrace white pig and the jamon iberica is made from the black Iberian pigs.

Tortilla de patatas, a typical Spanish dish is a potato omelette that is served both hot and cold. The omelette is fried in olive oil and is a flavourful dish. Tortilla de patatas is usually served as a tapa. A tapa is a snack or an appetizer. You could enjoy a tortilla Espanol at a Spanish restaurant in UAE or at a Tapas restaurant.

Tapas are a Spanish food tradition where small dishes like snacks and appetizers are served. The dishes may be served hot or cold and are served as bar food or a complete meal.