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South American Restaurants

Modern day South American cuisine is a melting pot of various influences, right from the traditional food of the continent to the many colonial rulers that occupied South America at varying points in history. Indigenous farmers in South America made extensive use of its many plains and fertile soil to cultivate a large number of crops including corn, barley, avocados and beans. When foreign invaders colonized South America, they brought their own cuisine with them and the locals adapted them as well. Today, many South American restaurants in UAE reflect this varied influences in the deliciously diverse cuisine that they serve. South American food is as bright and vibrant as the culture it originates from. Of the many kinds of food found in South American restaurants in UAE, there are a few which definitely stand out.

Corn, also known as maize, is one of the oldest crops grown in South America and thus has a huge role to play in its cuisine. Cornbread, or arepas, is a staple in almost every South American meal and is used to sop up all the rich sauces found in this cuisine. Tamales are a kind of appetizer made by stuffing corn pastry with a special filling made of various meats and vegetables and then deep frying them. Tamales are very popular around the world and are found in almost all South American restaurants in UAE. Cassava, also known as yuca in South America, are cultivated across the continent and is one of the most important ingredients in South American cuisine. In many South American countries, as well as in authentic South American restaurants in UAE, you will find cassava prepared in a number of different ways. They can be either mashed, fried or tossed along with other spices. One of the most popular ways to eat cassava is in the form of Pao de Queijo, a Brazilian dish made by stuffing rolls of cassava with melting, sharp cheese. Ceviche is a very popular dish among the coastal countries of South America. Many South American restaurants in UAE also serve this dish in its original form, with finely diced chunks of raw fish cured with a lemon dressing and served along with fresh herbs. This zesty dish is one of the best ways to explore South American seafood. If you prefer red meat, don’t forget to try churrasco, a beef dish, originating in Brazil. Premium cuts of marbled steak are generously coated with a special spice blend and then grilled over an open flame until they are melt in the mouth soft on the inside.

If you can’t wait to try churrasco for yourself, Fogueira Restaurant and Lounge is one of the best South American restaurants in UAE for this. Their juicy meat and flavourful spices will make churrasco your new favourite way to eat meat. This is also one of the top South American restaurants in UAE for a hearty buffet. The huge variety of choice you will enjoy in their buffet is all you need to devour South American cuisine at its best. Coya is another one of the best South American restaurants in UAE, with a clear emphasis on highlighting South American seafood creations. Right from the moment you step in, you will feel like you are right in South America, with its bold, colourful theme. Try the ceviche here, one of the chef’s specialties, for an authentic take on the traditional South American favourite.

Apart from these, there are many South American restaurants in UAE where you will be able to enjoy the delicious cuisine of this continent. The rich cultural heritage of South America is beautifully celebrated in all South American restaurants in UAE. Visit one of the most popular South American restaurants in Dubai for a crash course in this delicious cuisine.