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Persian Restaurants

Persian restaurants in UAE which are more popularly known as Iranian restaurants serve up food fragrant with saffron, cardamom, turmeric, raisins and rosewater. Persian food goes right back through the centuries and Moghul cuisine found in Indian and Pakistani restaurants trace back their history to Persia. Apart from the kebabs and pilafs there are other signature dishes served in Iranian restaurants in UAE . These are Fesenjan which is a pomegranate and walnut stew with chicken or duck and is best eaten with fluffy rice. Look for Gormeh sabzi on the menu, this is a green herb soup or try the jewelled rice which is rice cooked with nuts and dried fruits. Here are a few restaurants that you can try if you are spoilt for choice.

The list must start with Special Ostadi which is the oldest Iranian Restaurant in UAE. The restaurant is family run and is full of memorabilia from the years gone by. Located in Bur Dubai, the menu gives you a variety of kebabs all grilled to a level of perfection that gets the meat to melt in your mouth. You know that is a sign of some good cooking. The fluffy saffron rice served with potato curry is another experience that will get you longing for another taste once you leave. It is personalized service and delicious food that will bring you back here again and again. Sadaf Restaurant in the ground floor of Trade Centre is a good place for traditional Persian food. The servings are large and its got some good salads to balance out all the meats, Tabouleh is a Persian green salad with tomatoes, bulgur wheat, mint, onions and tossed with olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice. The Sadar seafood plate and the pomegranate juice are the other recommendations to your meal at this Iranian restaurant in UAE.

Absahr is an Iranian restaurant in UAE which gives you the true Persian food experience. You sit at floor level and eat with your hands or if that feels too different you can always opt for being served at a table with all the cutlery. Located in Deira the food is loved by residents who form a loyal clientele. Start with Sangak, this is a flatbread that has been cooked on charcoal and is served with goats cheese that is sprinkled with nuts and flavored with basil. The Moorish chickin called Mandi is a good choice for the main course. This is a slow cooked meat in a tandoor and served with zereshk (sour berries) cooked rice.

Shabisthan at Radisson Blu Hotel is a setting fit for royalty. The beautiful Persian carpets spread over the vast expanse of the dining room screams luxury. With the menu in front of you, what to expect from this Persian Restaurant in UAE is the question. Start off with the Resteh soup of fresh vegetables that is mopped up with some warm bread, Choosing any of the seafood dishes or the variety of Kebabs for your main is a safe bet. However try the Gormeh Sabzi a delicious stew with chunky pieces of lamb.

Anar at Souk Madinat is another Middle East and Iranian Restaurant in UAE. This is a restaurant that always has a steady inflow of patrons both for its location as well as for the authentic Persian food in UAE. The tables spill out from the classy interiors on to the walkway with beautiful views of the waterway. The food is expensive but tasty and clearly authentic Iranian food. They are a good choice of mezze, salads, chicken and lamb kebabs and is suited for a western palette as well.