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Malayalee Restaurants

Malayali food originates from the Indian state of Kerala, a picturesque place, with beautiful backwaters and breathtaking forests. However, the true attract of Kerala remains its delicious food, which is directly influenced by local ingredients most commonly found throughout the state. Being a coastal state, Kerala has an abundance of fresh seafood, which is why its cuisine highlights seafood in a way few other cuisines have. The other thing found everywhere in Kerala is coconut trees. Kerala uses coconut extensive in its cuisine in its many forms, from dessicated coconuts to coconut milk to coconut oil. You would be hard pressed to find a dish in this cuisine without some form of coconut in it. Because of the large Malayali population in UAE, there are plenty of Malayali restaurants in UAE, where chefs from this state serve up some excellent Kerala food in UAE. Here are the top Malayali restaurants in UAE to visit when you want to evoke the peacefulness of the backwaters.

Best Malayali Restaurants in UAE

There are many Malayali restaurants in UAE which offer traditional dishes, prepared exactly the way the would be in Kerala. These dishes are packed with flavour and immediately transport you to the coconut tree lines backwaters of Kerala.


If you are new to Kerala food in UAE, you should order the meals at Nadumuttam. These large spreads come with rice, traditional flaky Malabar parathas, a variety of different curries and a few vegetable dishes. A traditional Malayali meal at Nadumuttam will give you the perfect crash course into Malayali cuisine. You can smell the coconut before your food even hits the table and the freshness of the seafood is evident in every bite. These meals are also very inexpensive, so you don’t have to spend a lot for a very large, filling meal.

Calicut Paragon:

This is one of the best Malayali restaurants in UAE and have the most extensive range of seafood you will ever find. Varattiyathu usually refers to any dish that has been fried and is usually spicy and packed with flavour. At Calicut Paragon, you can find many different varieties of varattiyathu, including beef, prawn and squid. These sides are best enjoyed with a Malabar paratha, plain steamed rice or Kerala’s special coconut rice. After the spicy mains, you can cool of your tastebuds with a sweet coconut pudding or the traditional payasam, a milk based pudding. You can be certain that you will get some of the best Kerala food in UAE at Calicut Paragon.

Ustad Hotel:

Ustad Hotel is one of the most authentic Malayali restaurants in UAE. With most of its chefs natives of Kerala, you can enjoy authentic Kerala food in UAE here. Unlike most other Malayali restaurants in UAE, at Ustad Hotel, the beef dishes outshine the seafood fare. The beef varattiyathu is perfectly spiced with plenty of pepper, a spice that Kerala is famous for. It can get quite spicy, so just plain steamed rice is the perfect accompaniment to it. If you do have a craving for seafood, you should try out their fish mango curry, also best enjoyed with plain steamed rice. At Ustad Hotel, you can also enjoy traditional Kerala biryani, that is quite different from other varieties of biryani.

These are just some of the top Malayali restaurants in UAE you should definitely try out. Other dishes that Kerala is famous for include appams and puttu, two dishes that are usually consumed for breakfast, but are perfect at any time of the day. There’s really no way you can go wrong with Kerala food in UAE. With authentic Malayali dishes prepared with the best quality ingredients and fresh seafood. Malayali restaurants in UAE should definitely be next on your list.