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Kenyan Restaurants

What we call ‘Kenyan’ cuisine is actually an umbrella term for a number of different foods from the various communities that live within Kenya. Each community has their distinct foods, with special spices and ingredients. However, as diverse as Kenyan cuisine is, there are certain foods that are ubiquitous throughout the country. The country largely depends upon tubers, grains, chicken and goat meat because these are available in abundance here.These ingredients have given rise to certain staples that are found in almost every Kenyan household, regardless of which community they come from. Kenyan food is known to be rich and spicy, packing every ingredient with as much flavour as possible. Kenyan restaurants in UAE serve many traditional Kenyan dishes, prepared exactly as they would be in the country of their origin. If you aren’t sure what to expect, here are a few common Kenyan foods that can be found in almost all Kenyan restaurants in UAE.

Most Popular Kenyan Dishes

One of the most famous Kenyan foods is a dish called ugali. Ugali is served with almost every meal throughout Kenya and is a staple of this country. This dish is made from cornmeal which is made into a paste along with boiling water and cooked until it becomes a solid. Ugali is often served with meat or vegetable accompaniments to make a complete meal. While it has no flavour of its own, it acts as the perfect carrier for other sides. Kenyan restaurants in UAE always have ugali, which you can order along with a variety of other dishes. Kenyan pilau is another popular dish that has been influenced through the Indian subcontinent and countries of the middle east. Fragrant grains of rice are lightly spiced and chunks of tender meat are added to this. Kenyan pilau is popularly served at large celebrations and is the focal point of the entire meal. Kenyan stew is a dish that is found throughout Kenya, but with several variations. Every household and community has their own way of preparing Kenyan stew. A choice of lamb, beef, mutton or chicken can be used to make the stew, while vegetables like carrots, potatoes and peas can be added as well. The most important aspect of a Kenyan stew is the special mix of spices that goes into it. You can find variations of this stew in various Kenyan restaurants in Africa, where it is usually served along with ugali.

Best Kenyan Restaurants in UAE

Kenyan restaurants in UAE serve a huge variety of traditional Kenyan cuisine, giving you an authentic introduction to Kenyan food and culture. Here are the top Kenyan restaurants in UAE you should visit:


Tribes is one of the best Kenyan restaurants in UAE, offering you excellent ambience along with delicious food. They serve up some of the best meat dishes you will ever taste, with tender, perfectly cooked beef dishes. They also have very generous portion sizes, so make sure you go on an empty stomach! So if you are looking for a place to get your fill of meat, this is one of the best Kenyan restaurants in UAE for you to visit.


Kiza prides itself on giving diners not just traditional African cuisine, but delicious fusion foods. This is one of the best Kenyan restaurants in UAE if you are looking for African food with a twist. Make sure you order the spicy beef stew along with ugali, for a delicious Kenyan meal that will fill you up. This is one of the best Kenyan restaurants in UAE for a big meal.

These Kenyan restaurants in UAE will let you experience the rich and varied culture of Kenya through its delicious food.