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Indian Restaurants

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Indian Restaurants

Indian food with its generous use of spices and herbs is very different from any other cuisine. Then again Indian cuisine is different in each region of India and while there is the rich tradition of the Mughlai food, there is the robust Punjabi fare and the coconut based dishes of the coastal region in Kerala. Indian food or versions of it have filtered into the cultures of many countries through history. Dubai, is a cosmopolitan place where all global cuisines are have made their presence felt. For the best Indian restaurants in UAE, here is our pick.

The best Indian curry houses in UAE

Rang Mahal at JW Marriott is an upscale curry house in UAE. It is an award winning Indian restaurant in UAE for a good reason. The food is exceptional and as far as curries go, the nadan chemmeen curry takes you to the Malabar coast in Kerala with its tangy coconut, curry leaf and ginger flavored curry.

Jaffer Bhai’s is on Zabeel Road in Karama is the quintessential Biryani king but its curry is just as famous. The cashew nut based Patiala Chicken Curry is melt in your mouth good. The butter chicken curry is not bad too.

Ananta’s Curries is another swanky Indian Restaurant in UAE at The Oberois. The Shahi Nihari is their signature dish with the lamb shanks cooked overnight onion based curry. There is a Rajasthani version of lamb smoked over charcoal that is absolutely delicious as well. These are curries fit for the kings.

If it is seafood you want then head over to Mahesh Lunch Home for their coastal curries. Their Malabar Prawn curry in a coconut base has the subtle flavors of southern spice. Soak it up with some hot from the oven butter naan. Their crab and lobster curries also have you wanting more.This is one of the best Indian restaurants in UAE and is moderately prices as well. The restaurant is in Karama, The little India of Dubai. Indian restaurants in UAE for South Indian fare.

Calicut Paragon is also in Karama, in the Mattar Al Tayer building. It serves Kerala food. This Indian food from the South uses curry leaves, turmeric and Coconut with a heavy hand but yet all the dishes they serve will get you wiping the bowl clean.

Dakshin at the Lotus Hotel in Deira serves the most delicious Indian food in UAE. As the name means it is food from the South of India. The South Indian theme is in the decor as well as the carnatic music playing softly in the background. Masala dosas are quintessentially food from the South that has now been adopted by every region of India. This Indian restaurant in UAE serves the best egg appam which is another version of the dosa but quite different. Their mutton biryani and murg tikka masala are other favorites here.

The best Indian Restaurants in UAE for vegetarian food

Maharaja Bhog in Karama is a “pure veg” restaurant as they are called back in India. Food here is served on a large stainless steel platter called a Thali which has 9 small bowls in which the various accompaniments that go with a typical Indian meal are served. The spicy potato, buttery yellow dal and other vegetables are a culinary delight and you can have as many servings as you wish. Unlimited Indian food at the best rates.

The Curry Lane also in Al Karama has what they say is the best vegetarian street food. Visit this place to find out why it is one of the best Indian restaurants in UAE. The pav bhaji is an Indian bread called pav that has been fried in butter and is served along with a potato curry that is spiced with a special masala. The pani puri, bhel puri and the like is typical Mumbai street food. Making this one of the Indian restaurants in UAE with a big slice of nostalgia for the home food. Wash it all down with a sweet lassi.