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Greek Restaurants

Greek restaurants in UAE are part of the cosmopolitan experience and culture that Dubai is known for. While Greek food has become popular the world over there are still many of us who are not sure what to expect. Here is a quick guide to what those Greek words on the menu mean

Moussaka This is the most famous of Greek food that will be served in all Greek restaurants in UAE. It is a layering of aubergines, mince meat and potatoes. This is topped with delicious Bechamel sauce and then baked. There will also be vegetarian versions for those who prefer it.

Souvlaki These are skewers of grilled meat and is served with tzatziki. This is a yoghurt based sauce with mint and cucumber. This is usually eaten with pita bread.

Gyros These are usually sandwiches where the meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served wrapped in bread.

Baklava This dessert is found in Greece, Turkey as well as the Middle East. Baklava is similar to a sweet pastry that is soaked in honey syrup and then covered with crushed nuts like almonds, walnuts or pistachios.

Here is the speciality dishes of some of the Greek restaurants in UAE.

Elia Restaurant Majestic Hotel Tower: This is a modern Greek food restaurant and is open only for dinner. It has received multiple foodie awards and no surprise when you have a celebrity chef running the kitchen. The Moussaka is a must have at Elia in UAE and their Greek salads are fresh and delicious. The Lamb shank is a huge serving and should be shared amongst a large group. Come over here to enjoy the ambience of a Greek taverna with Greek music with tasty Greek food on the table.

Eat Greek Kouzina JBR Walk: Want a great view of the sea along with your food? This Greek restaurant in UAE will hit that sweet spot. Eat Greek Kouzina in UAE has an open kitchen with limestone brought all the way from Greece and wooden floors. The Mediterranean decor and the menu will live up to expectations. This restaurant in UAE serves up Greek classics such as Beef Kontosouvli and Kleftiko Roast Lamb. Their big fat Greek breakfast is not to be missed along with their Greek Bruschetta and baked Feta. Vegan and vegetarians are also catered for in their menu.

Labbys The Hellenic House Jumeirah Lakes Tower: It is not very large but when it is popular with Greek expatriates then you know that this Greek Restaurant in UAE has an authentic stamp. The Moshari Kokkinisto is a daily special and is beef slow cooked as a casserole in tomato sauce and flavored with cinnamon. Labbys The Hellenic House in UAE also serves creamy Tzatziki and Souvlaki wraps that will get you asking for more. The signature Greek dish as always is the Moussaka with it’s aubergine, mince, potato and rich Bechamel sauce.

Mythos Kouzina and Grill JLT: This is Greek cooking at its best but be prepared for the loud buzz of conversation. Not a nice quiet place to enjoy a long leisurely Parking can be costly. But coming back to the Greek food at Mythos Kouzina and Grill. Patrons at this Greek restaurant in UAE are all praise for the grilled calamari, Greek salad, Souvlaki Kebabs and the gyros. The fried zucchini is a delicious choice as is the grilled Halloumi which is a special Cypriot cheese.

Jimmy The Greek is another Greek restaurant in UAE which has good gyros and Greek salads. This is not a place for fine dining but rather to grab some food quickly, Greek style.