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Cakes and Confectioneries

If you have more than one sweet tooth, Dubai is the best place for you to indulge yourself in some of the most masterful confectionaries ever crafted. The incredible sugar rush you will get after trying out the best desserts in UAE will send you straight to heaven. Whether pure sinful chocolate, rich, cream ice cream or fluffy cakes are your addiction of choice, you will find incredible pastry shops in UAE to cater to you. Dubai also has some unique creations that you might not find anywhere else in the world. These are works of true geniuses and will leave your tastebuds tantalized. If you want to embark on the sweetest journey of your life, visit some of the top bakeries in UAE.

A perfect cheesecake is one that your fork just glides through effortlessly, leaving you with a beautiful sliver of creamy, decadent perfection. If you are ready to bid adieu to your waistline, visit the Cheesecake Factory in UAE for the best cheesecakes you will have ever experienced. Available in a mind boggling number of varieties, The Cheesecake Factory is every cheesecake addicts dream come true. If you want to walk through the cobbled streets of Paris and experience delicate macarons, you can experience it right here in UAE! Laduree is one of the best bakeries in UAE offering a variety of exciting macarons. You can try classic macaron flavours like vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate or more exotic versions like rose. With the heady aroma wafting from the macarons and the delightful crunch they make when you bite into them, this dainty cafe offers some of the best desserts in UAE. La Petite Maison is another one of the best Parisian themed bakeries in UAE that offer you beautiful desserts you’d find at any patisserie in France. Try their French toast and pistachio cheesecake, two huge crowd favourite that have amassed a fan following of their own. If you are looking for classic cakes in UAE, visit Magnolia Bakery. This is the best bakery in UAE if you are looking for a box of cupcakes or decadent cakes to make a celebration even more joyous. They have classic flavours like red velvet and chocolate that are huge crowd pleasers. Their happy base of loyal customers makes Magnolia Bakery one of the best cake shops in UAE. If no dessert is complete without chocolate in your opinion, you should never miss out on the temple of chocolate in UAE, Godiva Cafe. Prepare to experience chocolate like you have never experienced before with a number of sinfully luscious dessert that will lead you to nirvana. They have some of the best chocolate cakes in UAE and their legions of staunch loyalists will attest to that. Try their lava cake and dark chocolate cake for the full Godiva experience that will mesmerize you with every mouthful. At Godiva cafe, every chocolate connoisseur cane be sure that they will leave with their heart, soul and taste buds fully satiated. With the best cakes in UAE, these pastry shops in UAE will blow your mind.

At Dubai, you will be able to fully indulge your sweet tooth. No meal, no day, no celebration is complete without the perfect pastry. To add a little extra sweetness to your day, visit one of the best bakeries in UAE for your daily fill of sugary goodness. You will be able to find the best cakes in UAE along with pillowy doughnuts, dainty cupcakes and buttery pastries like croissants, puff pastry and pies. These bakeries in UAE offer you the best desserts you can ever find with sweet treats that your entire family will enjoy.