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British Restaurants

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British Restaurants

Most British food is a homage to traditional recipes perfected over centuries. Britain has perfected the art of comfort food, with most of its dishes best enjoyed over a big family gathering. Fair warning, British food has never been made for those on a strict diet. With no lacklustre salads anywhere in sight, British food is all about hearty meals that make you happy from the inside. There are many British restaurants in UAE which can give you the real English experience, offering big breakfasts, pies, high tea and of course, pudding. If you are looking for English food in UAE, get ready for a culinary treat that will take you right from the wild moors of England to refined tea parties in London. Before you visit one of the many British restaurants in UAE, here’s some of the best English food to watch out for.

It is only fitting to start your foray into British food with a complete English breakfast in UAE. This huge plate of food will let you begin your day on the right note and keep you full well into the afternoon. Traditionally, a complete British breakfast will include baked beans, toast, sausages, bacon, ham, mushrooms, a grilled tomato and fried eggs. Once you make your way through a complete English breakfast in UAE, every other breakfast you have hand up until then will fade in comparison. A roast is usually prepared on a Sunday in every British household and every family has their secret for the perfect roast. Usually made of chicken, a roast also includes vegetables and the quintessential gravy to complete it. A roast is the perfect family meal and is the perfect dish for your entire family to bond over. Tea is a very serious affair in Britain and they have an entire food menu dedicated just for it. Apart from the sweet, milky tea that is undoubtedly the hero of a high tea, an English tea also includes buttery scones served with cream and jam along with delicate watercress and cucumber sandwiches. A variety of pastries are also served for high tea, so make sure you go on an empty stomach! If you are exploring English food in UAE, leave enough room for dessert! The British can turn almost any food into a delicious, comforting pudding. Bread and butter pudding might sound very simple, but it will be one of the most delicious desserts you will ever eat. Trifle is another old fashioned British pudding that still hasn’t lost its appeal. Most British restaurants in UAE include a combination of traditional and modern English food for you to enjoy.

JB’s Gastropub is one of the best British restaurants in UAE offering delicious pub grub. With a cold beer to wash everything down, you can sample famous British food like fish and chips and scotch eggs. Music and great service contribute towards it being one of the most popular English pubs in UAE. If you’re looking for upscale British restaurants in UAE, book a table at Rhodes W1. With a mix of contemporary and authentic English food in UAE, this restaurant offers you the best in English cuisine. One of the most popular dishes here is the roast pork belly. This traditional family favourite is an excellent, hearty dish that will leave you wanting for nothing.

There are many popular British restaurants in UAE, offering diners a huge number of choices. Whether you are looking for an elegant high tea, hearty pub grub or comforting family meals, you can find many British restaurants in UAE offering you just that. So don’t waste any time before you book a reservation!