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Brazilian Restaurants

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Brazilian Restaurants

Brazilian restaurants in the UAE prepare different types of South American foods and Portuguese foods. They are known for their diverse range of exotic cherry and fruit flavour enhanced food which is the perfect pick to counter hot climatic conditions. Brazilian cuisines vary greatly by region. They reflect the country's mix of native and immigrant populations as well as its continental size. Some popular ingredients used in Brazilian foods include cassava, guarana, acai, cumaru, cashew, pistachio and tucupi.

Brazilian restaurants in the UAE import curry leaves, herbs, seasoning and other raw materials to prepare the best Brazilian dishes. They add leafy vegetables, wine, potatoes and dairy products to food. This cuisine will give a different feel to your taste buds which you will love. Most Brazilian salads contain mixed root vegetables, dry fruits and tropical fruits. Chefs mix up yams, cassavas, acais, cupuacu, mango, papaya, guava, orange, passion fruit, pineapple, hog plum and much more. Some of these ingredients are used in cooking exquisite dishes. Feijoda is Brazil’s most popular dish and also its national dish.

Some popular regional Brazilian foods include beiju, feijao tropeiro, vatapa moqueca, polenta, and acaraje. Caruru is the most preferred dish as it is prepared using okra, onion, dried shrimp, and toasted nuts such as peanuts and cashews. It is finally cooked with palm oil and stirred until it achieves a certain consistency. Another popular dish is the moqueca capixaba; this dish consists of slow cooked fish, tomato, onions and garlic. It is further topped with cilantro and linguica which is added to a mildly spiced sausage.

Brazilian restaurants in the UAE prepare Brazilian food which contains a mixture of different national and regional traditions. These dishes are diversely linked to the origins of the people who practice them. Some popular Brazilian dishes include Rice and beans, salgadinhos, Misto quente, Cuscuz branco, Cachorro quente, cheese, Pinhao, Risoto and Mortadella sandwich. Brazilian restaurants in UAE provide different drinks such as the cachaca which is the native liquor of Brazil. This beverage is the national drink of Brazil and is made up of distilled sugar cane. Other beverages include the Cachaca, Caipirinha and the Chimarrao.

Brazilian restaurants in UAE serve different deserts such as cakes and traditional deserts. Some popular cakes are the nega maluca, pao de mel, bolo de rolo, bolo de cenoura, bolo de fuba and bolo de maracuja. Some popular traditional deserts are Quindim, Brigadeiro, Biscoitos, Beijnho, Cazinho and cocada. Some popular locations to find Brazilian restaurants in the UAE are Bainuna Street, Al Khubeirah, Musaffah, Al Quoz and Ras Al Khor.