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Belgian Restaurants

When most people think of Belgium, two things come to mind: chocolate and diamonds. These two things that have become synonymous with Belgian food should give you an idea about how indulgent the cuisine of this country is. Belgium has a rich and varied cultural heritage that is reflected in its cuisine through recipes that date back to many generations. Belgium has a mix of delicious junk food and more complex, sophisticated traditional recipes. While its fast food is very popular, not many people outside of Belgium know about the traditional Belgian food. Belgian restaurants and cafes in UAE offer a range of different foods that are perfect for all times of the day. If you haven’t visited Belgian restaurants in UAE before, you’re missing out on some delicious food. Here are some of the best delicious foods from Belgium that you should try out.

Best Belgian Dishes

One of the most iconic Belgian dishes is also a junk food staple most of us are very familiar with. Belgian fries are almost a national obsession and are eaten in cafes throughout the day. If you visit Belgian restaurants in UAE, make sure you don’t make the cardinal sin of calling them ‘French’ fries. Belgian fries stand out from regular fries because they are deep fried twice, to ensure that each fry is super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Belgian meatballs are also a very popular dish and you can find them in almost every restaurant and home. They are made from a mixture of beef and pork and drenched in a hearty beef based tomato sauce. As a bonus, these meatballs come with a side of Belgian fries! The North Sea near Belgium provides a continuous supply of fresh seafood to the country. Tiny shrimp from this sea are commonly found throughout Belgium and are a very popular appetizer. Shrimp croquettes are one of the best ways to eat them and are wonderfully crunchy and delicious. You can easily find them on menus of Belgian restaurants in UAE. One of the most iconic foods in Belgium are the classic Belgian waffles. There are two kinds of Belgian waffles, one a lot sweeter than the other, but both equally delicious! Belgian restaurants in UAE serve these waffles along with a huge variety of toppings.

Best Belgian Restaurants in UAE

Belgian restaurants in UAE offer a huge range of traditional and popular Belgian dishes to choose from. Here are some of our top picks for Belgian restaurants in UAE.

Cafe Belge:

Cafe Belge is one of the best Belgian restaurants in UAE to get your fill of Belgian cuisine. They serve some of the best seafood, Belgian fries, truffles and waffles in UAE. You can get fresh oysters here that are so delicious, you can taste the ocean with every bite. They are also one of the best places to try out Belgian chocolate in UAE.

Belgian Beer Cafe:

One of Belgium’s most famous exports is Belgian beer, a fruitier and spicier version of the kind of beer you’re used to. Belgium Beer Cafe is one of the best Belgian restaurants in UAE to try out this beer along with other famous Belgian finger foods. Order their mix platter for a huge variety of different appetizers.

Le Petit Belge:

This is one of the best Belgian restaurants in UAE for those who are still uninitiated in the wonder of Belgian food. Their mixed Belgian platters will let you sample a huge range of Belgian food, along with some great drinks to wash it all down.

These Belgian restaurants in UAE are guaranteed to give you a meal to remember. Which one are you going to pick for your next meal?