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Bangladeshi Restaurants

Bangladeshi food, like most cuisines in the Indian subcontinent, is influenced by bold spices and intense depth of flavour. A large part of Bangladeshi cuisine is very similar to Bengali food, since both places share a large part of their history and culture. The use of mustard features heavily in both cuisines due to the abundance of mustard fields dotting the countryside. The rivers that run through Bangladesh are teeming with all kinds of flavourful fish, leading to seafood being a very important part of Bangladeshi cuisine. These fish are often used in aromatic curries that lay the foundation of Bangladeshi food. If you are looking for Bangladeshi restaurants in UAE, you will find plenty that offer authentic, mouthwatering Bangladeshi cuisine.

Three ingredients form the pillars of Bangladeshi cuisine: rice, fish and lentils. In almost every Bangladeshi meal you try, you’re very likely to see at least one of these ingredients making an appearance. Kachchi biryani is a very popular part of Bangladeshi cuisine in UAE. Of all the many variations of biryani that exist, kachchi biryani is one of the most unique. Instead of cooking the meat and rice separately, both these ingredients are layered over each other while they’re still raw and then cooked to perfection. This dish is very mildly spiced, which lets the meat truly shine. If you think soups are bland and boring, then you should try Haleem during your next visit to one of the top Bangladeshi restaurants in UAE. This hearty soup is made from stewed lentils, wheat and tender shreds of meat. A bowl of haleem is all you need to keep your hunger and your soul satiated. Apart from its rich savoury dishes, when you explore Bangladeshi restaurants in UAE, you will be struck by the huge variety of desserts on offer. Bangladeshis have a massive sweet tooth which their cuisine completely satisfies. Mishti doi is a Bengali/Bangladeshi dish made from sugar and yogurt which is baked in earthen pots. This dessert is so addictive, you’ll find it impossible to stop yourself from ordering more! If you’re gearing up to explore Bangladeshi restaurants in UAE, you’re in for a treat. There are a number of restaurants offering Bangladeshi cuisine in UAE for you to indulge in.

Khaja Baba Restaurant in UAE International City serves up some of the most popular Bangladeshi cuisine in UAE. With its fuss free interiors, you can immediately see that the food is what is going to take the spotlight here. If you are looking for Bangladeshi comfort food, try the bhuna khichudi, a slow cooked preparation of rice and lentils that will warm you up from the inside. The keema sandwich and samosa here are also a must try. Minced meat is stir fried with spices and onions for a flavoursome filling that will automatically elevate a dish. Food Village, one of the best Bangladeshi restaurants in UAE is also very famous for its authentic Bangladeshi fare. If you want to try the best of Bangladeshi seafood, this is the place to visit. Shorshe ilish is a famous Bangladeshi dish, which literally translates to mustard fish. White, flaky pieces of fish are stewed in a fragrant curry that is lightly spiced with mustard seeds, mustard paste and mustard oil. The unique flavour of mustard perfectly complements the delicate fish, for a curry that is best enjoyed with plain white rice.

You can find incredible food at a number of Bangladeshi restaurants in UAE. With a wide variety of dishes to choose from, you can be assured that you will experience the most authentic Bangladeshi cuisine in UAE. Reserve a table at your nearest Bangladeshi restaurant for a culinary trip you will never forget.