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Australian Restaurants

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Australian Restaurants, Bar Food Restaurants

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Australian Restaurants

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Australian Restaurants

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Australian Restaurants

With their pick of some of the best produce in the world to choose from, Australia is home to some of the best foods in the world. Australians are fiercely proud of their produce and this reflects in their dishes which often hero locally sourced ingredients. And with the range of choice they enjoy, there’s no reason why they would need to look further beyond. Australia’s climate is perfect for growing a large variety of crops, almost all of which are grown organically. The country also has some of the best quality meat in the world while their large coastline lends itself to many varieties of unique seafood. Australian restaurants in UAE often use ingredients imported directly from Australia so they can do full justice to its cuisine. If you are new to Australian cuisine, here’s what you can expect.

Iconic Australian Foods


Many Australians would be fully content to spend all their time out by the barbecue. Barbecues in Australia are the stuff of legend and include many more varieties of dishes than your average barbecue. Shrimp, beef, chicken and even less conventional ingredients like watermelon and pineapple all find a place is a large Australian ‘barbie’. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can also try barbecue kangaroo meat! It might sound unusual to you, but kangaroo meat is actually very commonly found in restaurants and supermarkets throughout Australia.


Australian beef is quite possibly the greatest meat on the face of this planet. Australian beef is different from other kinds of beef because breeders stick to a very strict set of guidelines regarding feeding and rearing of livestock. The end result of this painstaking process if beef that packs in a bigger flavour punch than you have ever experienced before. Australian restaurants in UAE specifically import this beef to ensure that their dishes are as flavoursome. Australian beef can be eaten in a number of ways, from a perfectly cooked steak, a juicy burger or even raw in beef carpaccio.


Australians love their meat but they also have a big sweet tooth! Australian desserts are very simple, but that doesn’t make them any less satisfying. One of the most popular desserts, also found in Australian restaurants in UAE is a pavlova. Pavlovas are baked meringues which have been topped with delicious seasonal fruits that can include a huge variety. Lamingtons are also popularly found in Australian restaurants in UAE and are a dessert many Australians have grown up eating. These are simply slices of sponge cake which have been covered with chocolate and dessicated coconut.

Australian Restaurants in UAE

Australian restaurants in UAE use the philosophy of organic, seasonal ingredients to make the highest quality Australian food. Here are a few Australian Restaurants in UAE to visit the next time you dine out.

Bidi Bondi:

Bidi Bondi uses beach themed decor and authentic cuisine to make them one of the best Australian restaurants in UAE. One of the their best selling dishes is their Bidi Bondi burger, a massive creation including steak, melted cheese and beets.

Bushman’s Restaurants and Bar:

If you have never tried kangaroo meat before, Bushman’s is one of the best Australian restaurants in UAE to take your first step. The tender kangaroo sirloin they serve here is enough to make a convert out of even the biggest skeptic.


If you are eager to try out a true Australian barbecue, Nezeaussi is one of the best Australian restaurants in UAE to try this. They also have a huge TV screen where they broadcast sports matches, so you can feel right at home.

These Australian restaurants in UAE are the perfect introduction to delicious Australian cuisine. Reserve your table at one of the best Australian restaurants in UAE soon!