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Argentinian Restaurants

Like the vibrant, colourful culture that Argentina represents, its food is also an explosion of flavours on a plate. Argentina’s cuisine has distinct influences from various other cuisines of the world, as a result of the many immigrants and settlers that have made Argentina home. One of the biggest influences in its food is Mediterranean cuisine. Like Mediterranean food, Argentinian cuisine also places a huge emphasis on fresh produce, zesty, bright flavours and wholesome grains. Another country that has left its mark on Argentina’s food is Mexico. Due to its proximity to Latin America, Argentinian cuisine has many of the bold, spicy flavours of that culture. French cuisine also plays a surprisingly big role in traditional Argentinian fare. But despite the many cultures its food is influenced by, the unique spin the country has added to them turns them into a cuisine that is uniquely Argentinian. If you are looking to try Argentinian cuisine in UAE, you’re certain to experience delicious dishes that will leave an indelible impression on your mind.

When you visit Argentinian restaurants in UAE, there are certain foods you can’t miss out on. Asado or parrillada is a traditional Argentinian barbecue with all kinds of meat, traditionally cooked on an open flame. This is the national dish of Argentina and probably embodies the spirit of the country better than any other food. Many Argentinian restaurants of UAE have versions of asado, with meat prepared using traditional spice rubs. Empanadas tucumanas are bite sized morsels of heaven and are the perfect way to start your Argentinian meal. These are tiny pies, usually stuffed with eggs and chorizo and then baked or fried. Order these empanadas at one of the many Argentinian restaurants in UAE and experience a flavour explosion like none other. If cheese makes your world go round, then don’t forget to try a provoleta. This dish has heavy Italian influences and is a cheese lover’s dream come true. Pungent slices of provoleta cheese are topped with fresh herbs and olive oil and grilled until they’re crispy on the outside and caramelized on the inside. The most satisfying way to end your Argentinian culinary journey is with the country’s most famous dessert, dulce de leche. Condensed milk is reduced to a sticky consistency until the flavour deepens and it tastes nutty. This is then liberally drizzled over almost any dessert you order at an Argentinian restaurant.

If you’re looking for the best Argentinian restaurants in UAE, visit Asado Restaurant, for an unforgettable barbecue night. Prepared in the traditional way, Asado Restaurant offers mouthwateringly succulent meats, coated in a special mix of spices. Gaucho offers some of the best desserts among all the Argentinian restaurants in UAE. Their dulce de leche cheesecake will blow your mind with its complex, decadent flavours. Make sure you try their empanadas as well, which are some of the most popular Argentinian foods in Dubai. Toro Toro is a new age Argentinian restaurant in Dubai, offering Argentinian food with a distinctively modern twist. The upscale setting of this restaurant is the perfect backdrop for the contemporary Argentinian food you will taste here. Apart from their food, make sure you try their famous cocktails as well!

Argentinian food in UAE is an ode to the beautiful culture of the country. With so many Argentinian restaurants in UAE to choose from, you won’t know where to start! With the perfect mix of spicy, fresh, meaty and sweet flavours, Argentinian food in UAE has something for almost everyone to choose from. With so many authentic Argentinian restaurants in UAE to choose from, you will soon fall in love with this country and its food!