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Arabic Restaurants

Arabic cuisine or Middle Eastern food is more than just Falafel, Shawarma and Tabbouleh. If you are looking for Arabic Restaurants in UAE, they are easy to find but there is more to know about Arabic food. It has a lot of influence of Mediterranean, North African and Indian cuisines but even then each of the countries of the Arabian region also has its own special foods like Jordan has Mansaf, if you are in Saudi Arabia then it is Kabsa, Places like Morocco are famous for couscous. Their desserts are on the sweeter side with generous dashes of nuts and fruits. So if you want to eat Arabian food, while it is the food of the country you are in there is a lot of variety depending on the region.

Best Arabic Restaurants in UAE

There are numerous restaurants to choose from but if you are spoilt for choice here are a few Middle Eastern restaurants you can try in UAE. They are both casual dining as well as fine dining options and so depending how much you want to spend on a meal, there is something that will suit you.

Na3 Na3 on Marina Walk serves up some authentic home recipes. It is a homely ambience and the focus is on the food. There is an open kitchen so you can watch your meal being cooked. This Arabic restaurant in UAE is known for its large buffet spread. Their hot and cold Mezze and kababs are worth a special mention.

Qbara is a sophisticated Arabic restaurant in UAE with a special flair to the Arabic food it serves. The restaurant is at Oudh Mehta and is a large dining space done up in red and golds. And now to the food the lobster kibbeh and the avocado labneh is truly delicious. So too is the hummus served with honey roasted parsnips. The desserts are for those with a sweet tooth, The orange blossom cheesecake tops the list.

Em Sherif at The Address Downtown Dubai has a decor that is all Lebanese inspired. It’s chic and classy. Wood burning traditional oven give a truly authentic taste to the food. This definitely figures in the best Arabic restaurants in UAE both for its ambience and menu. The Fattoush with aubergine is a must try. Also ask for the Tabekh which is the dish that changes every day. For dessert try the Meghli with its coconut flavour and notes of cinnamon. The traditional Lebanese pudding called Mouhalabieh is also worth trying.

Olea is a traditional Arabic restaurant in UAE. The menu has food from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. The Baba Ghanoush is a roasted eggplant with pomegranates as well as fresh vegetables. The restaurant is in the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates and has a very upmarket ambience. The Hummus and Mezze are very good but the best is the Makanek Sausages that is covered with a sweet yet tangy pomegranate sauce.

Khan Murjan Restaurant at Oud Metha is highly recommended as the best Arabic restaurant in UAE. It has a souk like ambience right in the middle of Wafi. The seating is out of doors and makes the food even more authentic. The food is truly Persian especially the Sajeit Shrimps that carry the flavors of garlic, coriander and chilli. This is the best starter to kick off your meal. Another must try is the Moroccan Tagine Berbere. The breads are fresh and perfect to mop up the delicious meat gravies.

A few other Arabic Restaurants in UAE worth eat at are Lalezar for its authentic Turkish food and Shabestan at the Radisson Blu Hotel for its traditional Persian menu.